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About Digital Art / Hobbyist ....IS A N|NJ4R!!!!!-ttebayo~Female/United States Recent Activity
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deviation in storage by TiellaNicole
deviation in storage by TiellaNicole


  • Listening to: the fan spinning LOL
  • Reading: "Survivors" by Z.A. Recht
  • Watching: Hotel Transylvania
  • Eating: nothin
  • Drinking: Naked Blue Machine
My cousin was kind enough to buy the url, so now I have my own website!!!

It's got links out to EVERYWHERE else you can find me on the web, so if you're interested in my art, or have been in the past, please check it out!

I'm not as active on HERE as I used to be, but I'm still online nearly every single night somewhere on the net! :)


RoseNightshade's Profile Picture
....IS A N|NJ4R!!!!!-ttebayo~
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Rose Nightshade

Freelancer, Spock, Uke, goldfish, Naruto, Dri, Dobe, Thing 2, Omase.

Yes please! Female

==Status/Gender Pref==
Single: Bisexual Crossdresser yo. I like pretty much everything. :D For me it really just depends on the personality combined with the person's looks. I'm still lookin' for my "Sam"~

28 but constantly carded for people thinking I look ten years younger. fuckyeah.jpg

30 minutes away from Orlando, Florida~

----- <3 -----
Roleplaying, LARP, ART, yaoi, too many anime and manga to name, drawing and coloring (dur), fantasty novels, scifi, educational programming, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, orange, blue, black, chihuahuas and tiny dogs, CROSS/COSPLAYING FTW!, post-apocalyptic anything, prop-making, wig-styling, anything funny, sweet alcohols, wearing lots of layers of clothing, the smell of lilacs, longsleeved stuff, hoodies, SUSHI OMG LOVE, being random, pron, saying I want to lick sushi off the abs of sexy men, UR MOM, LOL.

----- </3 -----
The far right, the far left, religion, super pushy people, gender roles and stereo-types, inflexible mindsets, perfume that smells like soap, being allergic to cats ;A; , morons, occasionally... RPing Naruto because he's dumber than I am and that can be frustrating to write. Being too hot. D: (DAMN YOU FLORIDA!), UR MOM AND YUR SELF-INSERT FANFIC, LOL.

==Fav characters==
Currently: Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Riku, Axel, Roxas, The Doctor (10th), YUR MOM. LOLOLOLOLOL

==About Me==
I won't say I'm laid back. I AM NOT LAID BACK. I'm fucking hyper, as anyone who has met me IRL knows. I am easily distracted by absolutely anything and everything, random beyond belief (this is due to my ADHD:…) and I'm a very loyal - also territorial - person who can and will and has on occasion attacked - verbally anyway - like a pit bull in defense of those I love. I'm an Atheist: and a moral - if sometimes morbid - person. I'm a realistic optimist, which can be confusing to people who haven't known me long, as one moment I'll be espousing my great admiration for humanity's potential and accomplishments, and in the next, complaining about how all people are idiots. I'm an incorrigible unrepentant pervert, act and dress more like a guy than a girl half the time - shamelessly - and get offended if people tell me to act lady-like. I am honest 99% of the time, but very rarely serious, and pretty much think everything is hilarious. I'm blunt and don't pull my punches for anyone, and censor myself only very rarely. I'm always long winded, and would rather end an argument with the person on the other side comprehending my point, even if they don't agree with it. I'm an admitted attention whore, but this is never at the expense of ignoring those I love, as I crave/appreciate/adore their attention the most, and try to give equal in return. <3 I treat making new friends like rolling a Katamari ball. I'm perpetually sleep deprived, and this is my own fault. I'm a nice crazy complex Wonka candy bar of a person, but please, don't be afraid of me, I don't bite unless asked, seduced, or nibbled on first~ I'm just another human, like every one of you reading this, and equally approachable. :3

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